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The four-for-one twisting process has reached technological maturity during the last five years.
This maturity is manifested by the high number of T4T-R four-for-one machines purchased by SIMA customers worlwide for twisting natural and synthetic fibers. An extension of this success story is the introduction of the new T4TR-S four-for-one twistingdesigned and "fine tuned" for twisting finer denier yarns (up to 50.000 denier) at high r.p.m. rates, with the greatest flexibility:[*]Up to 14.000 twists per minute[*]Up to 450 meters per minute linear speed[*]Package sizes up to 12" x 12".The economic advantages of the T4TR-S machine operation at 450 meters linear speed per minute become obvious when compared to its predecessor machines operating one-for-one or even two-for-one twisting.
The T4TR-S four-for-one twisting machine can be applied for in-line twisting, and the machine is so designed that the DU-100 robot, now successfully working on the T4T-R machines, can interchangably be used on the T4TR-S four-for-one twisting machine.
The T4TR-S, like the T4T-R, is ruggedly built to deal with the work requirements when twisting industrial yarns. The T4TR-S machine represents the latest state of the art development which is the result of SIMA's research based on fifty years of experience in twisting and rope making machinery.
SIMA engineers and technologists would welcome the opportunity to challenge themselves in finding solution to the most demanding applications.
All rotating parts of twister T4TR-S are dynamically balanced.国内机型一圈只能做2个回捻,国外最新机械一圈4回捻。最快一分钟可以做14000捻(英制)。大大的提高了产品。突破万捻技术

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